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There is a wanted character list of characters players would strongly like to see in the game if you're looking for inspiration for who to bring.

Reserves will last for one week. You may have an extension of one more week if you request it.

You can have a reserve for two different characters at one time, but no more.

Because of the duplicates system, when you reserve, mark whether you intended to app V1 (canon) or V2+ (AU). We will take reserves for up to three versions of a character, one V1, and two V2+, in accordance with how many of that character are currently in the game. (e.g., if we already have a V1, you may only reserve and apply for V2+, and so on.)

A reserve will guarantee that we will wait for your application to be received before judging it against any others that have been posted. In other words, we do accept challenge apps, and we judge them against each other, not in order.

Original characters do not need to be reserved.

Fill out the form below in a comment to reserve:

Series; character name [V#] → [personal profile] journal → expiration date. An asterisk means it's an extension.

Revolutionary Girl Utena; Anthy Himemiya [V1] → [personal profile] melonpan → 4/24.

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[personal profile] stregheria 2013-04-16 10:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Your journal: [personal profile] melonpan
Character's fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Character's name: Anthy Himemiya
Character's version: 2 (Movie verse)